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Fox Renderfarm App

Rayvision Technology Co.

About the creators

Fox Renderfarm is the oversea brand of Rayvision which is a leading online render farm in the CG industry. Fox Renderfarm has earned great reputation for its powerful rendering ability, great customer service and flexible rendering pricing shceme. With more than 60,000 customers all over the world, even include 2 OSCAR winners, Fox Renderfarm has made great achievement on rendering tons of quality 3d animation and VFX films.

In order to fulfill the dreams of students, creative teams and charity groups, Fox Renderfarm even released the GoCloud Program which aims to offer free rendering power to help them.

About Fox Renderfarm App

Fox Renderfarm App is a rendering client designed specifically for our customers. With just a few simple drags and clicks, you can easily get your project uploaded, analyzed, rendered and downloaded. Please check the details about Fox Renderfarm App here. Here is the price list as below:

  • Ordinary Customers: $1.6 per node per hour
  • VIP1 Customers: $1.376 per node per hour
  • VIP2 Customers: $1.136 per node per hour
  • VIP3 Customers: $0.896 per node per hour
  • VIP4 Customers: $0.64 per node per hour

Every new register will got $20 free rendering credits, feel free to have a try!

Fox Renderfarm App in Action!