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Fracture FX

Fracture FX
  • Author's Website: Fracture FX
  • Tool category: Maya
  • Tool Cost:$500.00
  • Tool offer:Tell them Iskander sent you!!

About the creators

Fracture FX is a production-proven, cross-platform demolition solution for Autodesk Maya. Fracture FX’s procedural, event-driven architecture allows even novice users to take complete control of a destruction simulation and final shots in record time.

Art-directable simulations, efficient iterations, out-of-the-box usability and world-class customer care are the corner stones of the Fracture FX experience.

About Fracture FX

Check out some of Fracture FX’s key features below, you can find all of the key features on the VFX Repo Vimeo Channel as well as the Fracture FX Channel:

Fracture FX Reel

Fracture FX in Action!

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